Sandy Kusi Björn Urs Tom
Vocals Keyboards Drums Guitar Bass

The origins of 'FELONY' go way back into 1992 when a first concert was played under that name. But from those days only Makus Geiger & Thomas Brogli still remain in the current line-up of the band. Guitarist Urs Fischer can celebrate his 10th band-anniversary this year, and also drumer Björn Rindlisbacher has a longtime history withthe band. In 2004 Andreas Wildi joined the band as vocalist.

Although the band was still looking for a permanent female lead vocalist, they started woorking on the recordings of their first CD. Most of the material was recorded at Markus' homestudio, which allowed the band to take their time until the results were satisfying. 

But to achieve a sound like they wanted, the band felt it was necessary to record the drums in a professional studio, and get the song mixed there as well. So they did choose the Gate Studio in Wolfsburg, Germany with acclaimed producer Sascha Paeth who worked with bands like Rhapsody, Epica, Edguy, After Foverver, Kamelot etc.

He gave the band's debut CD 'First Works' the sound it needed, to take the songs on to another level and make them sound great. After the release of the CD in Switzerland back in 2005, Andrea Richner who did the female lead vocals on the album decided to join the band permanently.

The band was looking for a deal with a record-company, and with Escape Music they found a partner who helps them promote their music to a wider audience. The album was released by Escape in fall 2006.

In the summer of 2007 personal isues caused a split between the two lead singers and the other band members.

Luckyly with Sandy a great new voice joined the band in the beginning of 2008.