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Since I grew up in a very musical family, I was sent to get flute-lessons at the age of seven, manly to learn how to read music. In our family it was tradition to join the local brass band community, so three years later I started taking trumpet lessons. I then played for four years in a youth-ensemble. When i was twelve years old, the swedish band 'EUROPE' had a numer one chart-hit with 'The final countdown'. I bought the album and was very fascinated about the sound of the e-guitar and the numerous guitar-solos on that record. My only wish became to be able to play the guitar like that too.
My mother had an old acoustic guitar in the attic, that I regenerated. Laborious I teached myself the first few chords from a sheet. At school I met a two years older guitarist, who already was in a
school-band. I was looking for a rhythm-guitarist, and so I joind my first rock-band at the age of thirteen, where I could learn very much about playing from him. We mainly played coverversions from AC/DC and also had some small gigs. Later on we started to write our own material, switched to Metallica coverversions and called ourselfs 'Zellziuz'. After my guitar-buddy left the band, I took over the lead-guitar position. I was avidly practicing guitar with instructional video-tapes from famous guitarists. sometimes up to eight hours per day. As my bandmates wanted to change the style to more brutal (Death Metal) I did quit the band.
I was more into the 'Bon Jovi' kind of music and formed my own band 'Peak Level'. The singer was the later 'FELONY' vocalist Matthias Stöckli. But we only progresse very slowly, because of the lack of disciplin. The drumer only rarely showd up for rehearsals and in the middle of 1995 I had to serve my time in the swiss army. During that time Matthias found an add in the papers where a band anamed 'FELONY' was looking for a guitarist and vocalist. We applied and got the jobs, so I joined the band right after my military-time. Since then I let my guitar shred for 'FELONY'...



 Instrument: Guitar

 favorite bands: Felony, Europe, Toto, Dream Theater

 favorite FELONY songs: Skill of seduction, What a felony, Justice

 favorite actor: Bruce Willis

 favorite actress: Sandra Bullock

 favorite movie: Back to the future, Die hard 1 & 2

 hobbies besides music: software programming, 'handyman' with electronics, skating
 favorite drinks: beer, red wine (only with a good meal), rivella green

 favorite food: Fondue chinoise
What human values do I treasure : helpfulness

What human values do I detest: when someone shows off his wealth