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Name: Schandor

Nickkname: Sandy, Shanjfant, Sandokan

Instrument: Voice

Favorite bands:
Scorpions, Foreigner, Nightwish

Favorite drinks: Rivella, Cafe Amaretto, süsse Weine

Favrite songs by FELONY:
Bard Song, My Way, Freedom 

Favorite movie: History-Movies like Breaveheart

Favoriet Actor:
Mel Gibson, Richard Gere

Favorite Actress:
Nicole Kidman, Julia Roberts

Trademarks: non smoker, wears clogs

Hobbies: Sports & Music, Philosophy (E. Kant), Psychology

What human values do I treasure : honesty, authenticity

What human values do I detest: hypocrisy, opportunism, pomposity

My Motto : Getting close to the ideal authenticity