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Like many other drummers too, I started as a little boy by abusing my mothers emtpy washing powder boxes until I got my first little drum and was allowed to join the local drummers-club. That was kinda funny but I wanted something bigger, a real big drumset (yesss...).

So I first made a lot of noise in my parents appartment, very much to the wrong of our 'dear' neighbours. And as we finaly moved (I was INNOCENT!) I joined the drumers club in Lenzburg, played percussion for the 'youth play' also in Lenzburg. That was cool in the begining, But when I've been asked by the "young Style" youth-choir to join their supportig band I left behind all the overtueres and marches. At the same time a few strange and long-haired fellas were experimen-   

ting in a metal-band called 'EROICA'. They were rocking hard... WOW... so for a few years this was my rebellious time (muahaha..). At sometime back then, there was an indirect offer from 'FELONY' who were looking for a singer  and a drumer. 'Cause I knew the singer he took me with him to the first rehearsal.

After another few years I left the band with the singer. We were refocussing us in another musical direction and did form "Shane“, where I'm still a member of today. But like coincidence, 'FELONY' was recently looking again for a new drumer, and since it also coincidently  was urging in my feet to play some double-bass again, I did join them again.

So much about my little history, let`s play some fucking double-bass…


Birthday: 12.5.74

Instrument: Drums

favorite bands: Toto,Ayreon,Masterplan,Rippingtons and many more...

favorite Felony song: Justice

favorite actor: Tom Hanks

favorite actress: Jodie Foster

favorite movie : Groundhog day

hobbies besides music: model making, music

favorite drinks: beer, white wine, Äntebüsi

favorite food: everything that fits on a BBQ

What human values do I treasure : friendship

What human values do I detest: