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The musical roots of 'allrounder' Markus are lying quite some time ago in the past. At the age of 7, after I had half a year flute-lessons, my parents bought me a piano and were kind enough to sponser me a lesson per week.
In those early years I was very diligent working on those keys and founded myself a large musical basics. I took lessons until the end my school-time when i turned 19 years old.
The range contained lots of classical music (Beethoven, Bach, Mozart) some and some jazz. At the begining of my high-school I felt a strong urge to play with other musicians and so i founded my first band 'Liberation' with two buddies from school.
I started to get interested for 'harder' music like
'Heavy Metal' and 'Hard Rock' and so I began 
teachhing myself a new instrument, the electric guitar. As a keyboarder, guitarist and in the begining als on leadvocals we had a few concerts with this high-school band in our local area. but after the school was finished the band fell apart, because the members focussed on other interests.
After a year long break a found a band who was looking for a musician like me. Withing 6 months we put together a 90 minutes lasting set where mainly my musical ideas were used and some lyrics from the bass-player. Some of those songs still remain in our set today. We called ourselfs 'FELONY' and from the line-up at that time only Thomas Brogli and myself are still in the band.
We had a few changes through the years but with perseverance and strenght of will we made it even trough tough times. Since 2004 the current line-up with 5 members is now toghether. This summer we want to have a 2 hour setlist ready and conclude the recordings of our first CD. Then we want to play some great concerts and rock on stage.
Let's hope we will fill a lot of people with enthusiasm for our music. c.u.


Birthday: 05.09.1971

Instruments: Keyboards, Guitar

Favorite bands:Europe, Black Sabbath, Nightwish

favorite Felony songs: Tonight, On Lifes End

favorite actor: Sean Connery

favorite actress: Gina W.

favorite movie: Terminator 2

prefert sports: Soccer, Tabletennis, Biken, Skaten

favorite drink: verschieden

favorite meal: italian, a good piece of meat

What human values do I treasure : honesty, tolerance, punctuality

What human values do I detest: hypocrisy, pomposity

Mein Motto : No pain - no gain...