Music by:  M. Geiger / Lyrics by: M. Geiger

 Hey baby, I'm sorry for all I've done
 I can't change the past, it's all gone  
 But I will change the future I'll try hard
 Step by step and bit by bit, heart by heart

 There's a light inside your eyes
 I remember the first day I saw this light
 I don't know why, I promised to die
I don't know why, I promised to cry

 She's all alone on this way of mystery
nd I hope my soul will turn to see
 I can follow her to eternity - we use the flame

 Well there's a girl who's sitting there
She takes my hand and tells me that she'll care
 She doesn't know, the pain inside my heart
She listens where it's gone and brought it back home

 She's been so kind, and in the night I fall, falling
 She's been alone in this world

 Tonite, tonite, tonite - The sun will rise again
 Tonite, tonite, tonite - Nothing will stay the same

 The thin ice I'm walking on starts to break
 She's the one, I must choose which way to take
 All the doubt, it lays back behind
 We both are winners and I've opened my mind - open my mind