Music by:  M. Geiger / Lyrics by: T. Brogli

I'm standing before the high court It seems like a nightmare to me
Being accused of a crime
I'm not guilty can't they see

They reproach me with a murder offence My memories aren't so clear
I can't remember last dark night
And I donít know how I got here

Innocent in a prison cell
- Life is like a living hell

Justice where've you gone
- There's nothing you can do 
When the hammer of the judge - Finally falls on you 

The judge face looks so grim I've got no chance at all
Nobody there to help me now
No one hears my desperate call

The jury passed the verdict
Twenty years of my life
I can't believe what I hear
All that remains for me is to pray

With rage and vengeance inside I go Just one thing on my mind
If I will ever get out of here
The betrayer will pay for his lies