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(Points: 8.8 out of 10)

Here we have something special, because the first CD of the Swiss band FELONY sounds very impressive, mixing the best elements of 80s Melodic Rock/AOR with today’s Gothic/Power Metal genre. Here and there links to STRATOVARIUS, TIME MACHINE (a lot!), PLACE VENDOME and SONATA ARCTICA are possible, but also KAMELOT must have been a big influence for this band. That’s not a real coincidence, because none-other than SASCHA PAETH (KAMELOT, AINA, EPICA, EDGUY, RHAPSODY…) mixed and mastered the album. There are some absolute true gems on this album, such as the superb catchy uptempo melodic rocker “Justice”. In total we can find 12 tracks on the CD, and without a doubt, it all sounds perfect, the sound, the production, the songs, instrumental and also the vocals of singer Andreas Wildi, who is able to sing very well a la MICHAEL KISKE, sometimes accompanied by a fantastic female singer called Andrea Richner (who sounds like LANA LANE). Anyway, this is one of those exceptional impressive CDs out of the underground that could be the first step in a process eventually leading to a label signing and from there on upwards until reaching superstardom. I can not guarantee success, but this FELONY CD sounds impressive enough to make it one of the best indie releases this year so far. Other highlights besides the fantastic “Justice” are the lovely uptempo melodic rockers “My way”, “After the rain” and “Cyberspace”. This CD should appeal to both Melodic Rock and Power Metal fans, just like bands such as KAMELOT, LAST TRIBE, TIME MACHINE and ALLEN LANDE all have done the past few years. More info at: http://www.felony.ch and e-mail them at: band@felony.ch