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Felony is a Swiss melodic metal band and they've just released their self-released debut album First Works a few months ago. However, the origins of the band go back to the year 1992 when they played their first show. The band has undergone numerous lineup changes since then, with only keyboardist/guitarist Markus Geiger and bassist Thomas Brogli remaining intact. The other members also joined almost a decade ago, except vocalist Andreas Wildi who boarded in 2004. Felony is a band with two lead vocalists, as they also enlist female vocalist Andrea Richner, who, since the recording of this disc, has also become a full-time member. Richner and Wildi exchange verses and back each other up during the choruses, though Wildi is a bit more in the fore on this disc.

Mixed and mastered by renowned power metal producer Sascha Paeth who has works with bands like Kamelot, Epica and Edguy under his belt, First Works stands out as a solid work of melodic metal with touches of symphonic elements and the classic characteristics of power metal. Markus Geiger plays both keys and guitars. He is supported by second guitarist Urs Fischer whose guitar tone is smooth and almost silky, while the keyboards always serve to add a symphonic backdrop to the pieces. There are solos in between, but they are pretty concise and always kept minimal. Geiger has written all music and lyrics on the album, and obviously he was more interested in writing coherent songs rather than showboating. From the Kamelot meets Angra meets Rhapsody epic instrumental intro "An Introduction To...", the album dives into melodic metal territory, utilising catchy guitar hooks, both male and female vocals harmonising with each other, and plenty of synth and guitar unison leads. All pieces are underpinned by Geiger's textural synth lines, as the rest of the band paints the canvas with nuanced splashes of melody and catchiness. The songs aren't as fast paced as some other Euro power metallers; Felony is more midtempo stuff. They love to incorporate beautiful piano intermezzo sections combined with acoustic guitar as they do on the moving ballad "Tonite", the key-driven guitar shred piece "Say Goodbye" where both vocalists shine at their vocal best, and even folky flute cuts such as the melancholic song "Promising Ballad". The band is unafraid to experiment with modern soundscapes as well. Check out the AOR-pop synthesizers on "My Way", a song that even borrows some cool electronic sampling towards the end.

First Works will put Felony on the melodic metal map. Now all they need is to continue their hard work and hopefully find a decent label that may help them spread their musical statements.