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elony” is translated as… felony in English, however, in Swiss, the translation leads to “melody, power, rhythm” and all that stuff. The band had appeared live, for the first time, in 1992. Mighty Sascha Paeth (Rhapsody, Epica, Edguy, After Forever, Kamelot etc, etc) is the producer here as well and I’ve got to confess that this album might be the most pleasant surprise for this year.
First song – in order of appearance – of the album is “What a felony” and we’re just standing here… admiring. Malmsteen, Stratovarious, yet OST-also keyboards, sharp yet immensely melodic guitars, amazing rhythm-section and a couple of GREat voices. Yes, two voices. There’s also a guest female singer here, Andrea Richner from Lunatica, she’s been invited by the band to perform, regarding the “female vocals issue” of the album. “Say goodbye” is a hit! Tremendous melody, which sticks to you, exceptional and catchy chorus, I think we’ve found gold here. “Welcome to cyberspace” is a wonderful melody, giving us a somewhat Neil Young dimension, with a brilliant chorus. “Disappointed” rules! A powerful track, you’re gonna fall in love with it. Every single song in this album is a topic, a garden I might add.
I guess that “Bravo” is in order here. For the bands’ patience, their enthusiasm, their way of thinking, their will to spend money to do what they want “their way”. We’ve visited the band, seen them rehearse and all, a relevant article will soon follow.
Bjoern, Urs, Andy, Kusi, Tom, welcome to our cyber-and-real-stereo.
Costas Koulis