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After one of the best intros that i have heard the past year, Felony begins their journey through their very beautiful world. This band comes from Switzerland and recently they send to us their latest self financed album, which includes twelve songs and more than one hour of pure heavy metal music with a touch of melody.

Mainly Felony, have male vocals but spotted in the whole album they have included some female vocals and i believe they have made a great choice, in my opinion in adding the female vocals when it was necessary. Also they have done a great job with the keyboards and Markus had added a great atmosphere to the whole album.

When i first received their package, believe me, i didn't have a clue that i would hear such great stuff from Felony. But they won me over with their very impressive work, enough to be a follower of the band and t0 enjoy all the time that i spend in order to hear their stuff. Please if you want to hear a very good melodic / heavy metal release just buy your copy of the new album from Felony.

SCORE out of 8.7/10Antonis Maglaras