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Ok, I got a little confused with this one. I detected various reviews dating from early 2005 to this day, the band’s website seems too ’plain’ and no release date is given on the promo copy cover (or inner sleeve or back cover or whatever). If it wasn’t for the good music I had the chance to listen to, Felony and "First Works" would not be a good thing to remember of. Something did I manage to come along with at last…something…

Swiss pomp/melodic Metal music: this is the clear truth for Felony. The band breathes life for more than 12 years, but this is their first work. I eventually find out that founding member Markus Geiger used his recording studio for the band to sculpture their creations, while Felony did - afterwards - head to the magic hands of producer Sascha Paeth (ex-Heavens Gate guitarist, now a producer for Rhapsody, Epica, Edguy, After Forever, Kamelot and many more) to come up with a proper sound. This is determined to be a smart move, due to the following fact:

The DNA of Felony is the songwriting itself. Hence, two lead singers - Andreas and Andrea - stand upon the integrated musical artifacts, exchanging roles in ’lead’ or ’back’, primary or narrative, symphonic or hard rockin’ singing. The instrumentations themselves did remind me of a long forgotten legendary band from Canada, Saga. A ’retro’ monstrous act, everyone into Prog Metal should check them out. To be brought back to present life, Kamelot/Conception, Epica, Angra and some of Shadow Gallery is what will come to mind. Still, this is not in terms of complexity or ’prog’ grooves, but mainly the listener will focus on the excellent ’dual vocals’ status plus the endless keys/lead guitars harmonies. Nothing mellow, you’ll - instead - find some rather hard rockin’ parts in this album. Very good - even if plain enough - riffs here and there, various ’keys’ work and a lot of atmosphere. And - no - this album does not sound like Nightwish. Not at all. Andreas is clearly influenced by Roy Chan while Andrea seems keen on female beauties of the past, even the Abba(!) girls or - what’s the spelling like? - Lorenna McKenit (or something like this…huh…).

Felony did recently (in August) ink deal with UK-based Escape Music for a European release/distribution of their debut album, "First Works". Hmmm, this clarifies a lot of things. An ’official’ start for Felony - so far the album must have been treated as a self-financed demo work; "First Works" is fine. It is intelligent, it is full of melodies, it is not typically ’symphonic’ or ’pomp’ or ’ethereal’. If you like non-Nightwish full-of-melodies music, this is a must.