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The origins of Swiss band Felony go back to 1992 when their first concert was played under that name. After some line up changes the nucleus of the band – Markus Geiger and Thomas Brogli found their perfect vocalist in Andreas Wildi. It was then that work was commenced on their first CD.
Whilst most of the work was carried out at Markus’s home they went to gate studio in Wolfsburg, Germany to complete the recordings. It was there that they worked with famed producer Sascha Paeth (Rhapsody, Epica, Kamelot, etc). It was soon after that female vocalist Andrea Richner joined the band permanently and added a whole new concept to the Felony sound.

Felony are an exciting young band who have a sound that will be new to many; that is the clever use of vocals, the switch from male to female is so well done. It is very similar to a style adopted by eighties band “Groundstar” and also sometimes like German band “Domino” but the music is more up to date and comparable to Saga, Angra and Conception. The music is very symphonic with incredible guitar and keyboard passages with those ever present split vocals throughout. The melodies and harmonies are so beautiful that you will remember them after just one listen.

Felony are a bright young band with a great future, no doubt about that. They have the ability and passion to go far and they will appeal to a very wide audience.