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I have reviewed "First Works" in the h "Headbanger's Ball" section of our e-zine when I got this material in my hands for the very first time when the band was still looking for a label in order to release their stuff. I was left speechless then so there are not many more things to tell about the same material now. This work is excellent! FELONY play symphonic melodic heavy / power metal in the best way and this happens just because of two facts: the first one is that hey manage to compare very clever the male with the female vocals without overacting in any one of them, and secondly and most important although they have very good music abilities thay don't try to show of themselves but they pay all their attention to the songs themselves, so they manage to create very nice compositions, something that is the most important thing in music, but lately can't be found very often. In other words get this album and you will not regret it. FELONY is the new great band that rises up in the metal scene!