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FELONY is not a new band. They exist since 1992 but although they have such a big history on their back this is their debut work. And what a work it is!!! Their music is symphonic, melodic power metal and it is performed and composed in the best way. I had much time to listen to such a great material from a debut work. With both male and female vocals and great melodies they give to this work the right meaning of "symphonic and melodic" music. I really feel very lucky that I found this band. The greater think that they manage to do is that although they play a music style that is a little overcrowded lately they offer such good result that they seem to be like they are playing something that is very unique and first time performed. And this happens just because they just play as they have to. Without over acting and self showing they offer really good music. Although their music skills are very high they don't get you bored with long solos and "musical recitals" in their compositions like so many other bands do, but they have put all their attention to the final result of the compositions which are really remarkable. And above all these we have the excellent production and sound that has the name of the great Sascha Paeth (Rhapsody, Epica, Kamelot Edguy) above. There are not many thinks to be said about one of the best producers in metal music of our days except that its results are always the best they can be. So what more can you ask from a band? Personally nothing! This is a work that every fan who respects himself owes to get familiar with. A new super band has risen. Don't miss the opportunity to have this great musical journey that FELONY offer.