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One of the more pompous and overblown intros in recent memory will be the first thing listeners get to hear of Swiss rockers Felony.
This band's sound is hard to describe, but I'll do my best. Progressive pomp melodic hard rock? European Symphonic pop/prog?
Whatever the banner you choose to slot the band under, there is a lot going on within this record. Too much for some I'm sure, but to break it down, fans of light progressive with a big symphonic pomp twist will be wise to check this out.
The band also features both a male and a female lead vocalist. They don't take individual songs, but rather both sing in and around each other on each track.
It makes for an interesting listen, but again, won't be for everyone. Their vocals are well matched as they duet and also sing in unison through various parts of the album.
The biggest problem with so much music going on and some very complicated vocal parts is getting it all into place. Wisely the band has chosen the highly regarded European producer Sascha Paeth to work magic for them a move that pays off.
Regardless of personal taste, this album sounds very well put together and mixed evenly and cleanly.
Track highlights? It is a pretty consistent album to be honest. The music must suit the ears of the listener, but the title track Felony, plus My Way, Justice and the big ballad Promising Heart all deliver strong melodic moments.
Symphonic progressive pomp may be a mouthful, but so to is the music of Felony. There is a lot to digest here and one listen just won't cut it. At 71 minutes in length, it is perhaps a little too long, but you can't argue with the sound quality or the efforts of the band in trying to deliver an interesting piece of music.