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When I saw the cover artwork of this album, I said to myself: "Ok! Here, we have to deal with something very melodic, for sure!" And I was completely right! FELONY combine melodic heavy/ power metal with neo-classical elements. "First Works" is their debut album. This band from Switzerland has managed to create a good debut album and that´s why Escape Music decided to release their first deed. The female vocals of FELONY are so clear and can be compared with angel choirs. As for the male ones, here we have the typical power metal vocals and the voice of the singer reminds me the voice of Timo Kotipelto (STRATOVARIUS). The guitar-work is good enough, but what I enjoyed a lot at "First Works" is the wonderful keyboards´ sound. Markus has made an excellent work on keyboards! Well done! The track-intro of the album, "An Introduction To...", is so epic and glorious! The same goes for the second track, "What A Felony", which starts with a very skilful guitar riff. While, if you face any problems and you want something to encourage you, then, listen to "Freedom", a song suitable for hard times! If you are a fan of melodic metal, then keep your eyes peeled on FELONY. Trust me, they will not let you down! A very good debut, from a very promising band!

Stavros Kounadis 7.5