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Felony - First Works / Escape Music / Rating - 9.5/10 /
Review Dougie

First Works is, rather as the title would suggest,the debut album from the Swiss band Felony - and what a debut it is. The driving force behind the band is Markus Geiger and with Felony he has managed to come up with an original sound despite taking pointers from just about every  style and genre of rock music you can think of.  

On first listen, 'First Works' sounded a little pompous and overblown and to be honest it was love at first listen... The music has its roots in hard rock but is then mixed with large slices of classical, symphonic influences to which is added a bit power metal, prog, pop and any thing else that works and stick in a blender before baking for two hours at gas mark 11. To the finished recipe add two stunning vocalist who trade vocal line as and when required and vary the style throughout out the album. One thing for certain you never get bored listening to First Works. 

The list of influences I jotted down was huge but the band have blended all together to make an original album that will appeal to many fans and reward those who spend time actively listening to it. It would be unfair to pick a single track out of those dished up by Felony for one simple reason, words alone cannot describe what they have accomplished on each and every song. Head over to www.felony.ch for some soundbites and then head over the your local retailer to buy the damn thing - you won't regret it...