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I wasn’t familiar with the band until I got the promo in my hands and I found out that Felony is coming from Switzerland and it had released this album almost a year ago by itself. Thank God, that someone noticed them out and signed them ‘cause we couldn’t have the chance to listen to the band’s impressive symphonic, power (epic) metal, prog-pomp music. In order to give the musical stigma of the band, I will tell you that Rhapsody, Voyager, Epica, Blind Illusion and Royal Hunt crossed my mind while I was listening to this album. That means that “First Works” is a very good album and will please most of the fans that like melodies, symphonic parts and heavy guitars. The band has two singers a male and a female that they fit as a glove to the band’s music and their voices are combined very successfully. I also must mention that the band has chosen to work with the famed producer Sascha Paeth (Rhapsody, Epica, Kamelot, etc) and the final result is excellent. I’m only wondering how far this band can go when its first album is so good. Try them out because they will offer something different and tasty to your musical menu.

T.A. 7,5/10