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A relatively obscure sextet hailing from Switzerland, Felony have been kicking around in one form or another for more than ten years, although as the title to this CD suggests, 'First Works' is actually their debut album. Originally issued independently a few months ago, the album has now been picked up for wider release by Escape. Most of the recording was done in guitarist / keyboard player Markus Geiger's home studio, which obviously meant the band could work on the material as often, and for as long, as they wanted to. However, what sets this apart from the crowd is that the drums and final mix were undertaken by none other than Sascha Paeth, a name synonymous with some of the best cutting edge production work around today! Offering up an intriguing blend of pulsing metal anthems, whimsical female vocals (thanks to second vocalist Andrea Richner), and grandiose, sweeping musical passages akin to something from the 'Lord Of The Rings' soundtrack, Felony could be compared to a less grandiose Rhapsody meets Edenbridge, with one foot planted in a more traditional hard rock sound. Shot through with strong, melodies and big hooks, songs such as 'What A Felony', 'Freedom', and 'My Way' (thankfully not a cover of the old Sinatra chestnut!) demand your full attention, weaving a complex, multidimensional sound that's both intriguing and engaging. Furthermore, the initial limited edition press of this album will also feature two additional bonus tracks. Very intriguing debut from a band with loads of potential more please!