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After several spins in the player, I have two conclusions concerning Felony's debut album 'First Works': these are highly skilled musicians who also worked hard to craft their songs. 'First Works' reveals craftsmanship. Each song stands alone on its own merits. There is no monotony here, a least to this listener.

I classified this album as a hybrid of melodic hard rock and metal only because their are elements of both in many songs. Their is nothing heavy to make this only metal. But there is enough: soaring guitar solos and gutsy vocals. On the hybrid side, the songs are without doubt melodic and even symphonic at times. There are moments of bombastic grandeur and straight ahead rock and roll.

I could make a fuss about the lead male and female vocals, but that would be redundant considering the current times. Andy and Andrea are consonant. She is clear and vibrant, harmonious when needed. He is hard yet melodic. Andrea does not offer the operatic vocals found in Nightwish or Within Temptation; however, I've got suspicions that she could.

Bottom line: I was captured by the inspiring and soaring guitar work, the congruous and strong male/female vocals, and the excellent arrangement of each song. I believe that you will not be disappointed when adding 'First Works' to your  album collection.

- Craig / Rating: 4.5/5