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Reviewed by Ian Johnson
 /  Rating: 95 of 100

This album starts off with the obligatory instrumental intro , so of course I thought here we go another powermetal band and sat back to wait for the pounding double bass runs and the galloping guitars , but then something wonderful happened. The band kicked off with a fast paced song called What A Felony and I thought so far so good but then the chorus hit and it was infused with enough melody to put any aor band to shame and at the same time Felony played what for me is their trump card. What is this card you ask ?, well the band have a superb vocalist in Andreas Wildi all controlled power but they have twinned him with a female singer ( don't read operatic for this ) named Andrea Richner, who's voice alongside Mr. Wildi brings a whole new dimension to this band's music. The joint melodic vocal lines that the two singers interweave on each of the tracks brings out all the glorious melodies that are written into these songs, and let me tell you that I can't stop playing this album as the music is so infectious and really makes you want to sing along with the tracks.

I would describe the music of Felony as powermetal with an aor heart but don't be fooled these guys & girl know how to rock, Justice / My Way / the storming Cyberspace with it's wonderful guitar solo, the aforementioned What A Felony all blast from the speakers with a passion but are all infused with wonderful melodies. My one question to the band would be, reading the liner notes it would seem that Miss Andrea Richner is only a guest WHY?, make her a full band member now and go and conquer the world. As you might gather I quite like this cd and with it's rich production courtesy of the amazing Sacha Paeth I just can't help listening to it, and let me tell you that I've not been this excited by a band for a long time. Amazing BUY-BUY-BUY.